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Treatment and care of a person is a complex and important task, which must be treated with great responsibility, therefore, Dr.Maksudova’s Clinic pays great attention to patient care and provides all conditions for the patient’s satisfaction.

The multidisciplinary hospital at the DMC clinic offers its patients 50 comfortable single and double rooms that work 24 hours a day, which allows our staff to monitor the patient’s health round the clock.

While in hospital, we create all the comforts for the patient to feel comfortable. Spacious and comfortable chambers, long corridors, the hospital’s own bar and terrace will allow you to feel exceptional comfort, which in turn contributes to the patient’s early recovery.

In addition, there are beautiful and decorative winter gardens and greenhouses, where patients can spend time in peace and quiet, communicating with friends and relatives during their visits.

In each ward there is:

  • Comfortable multifunctional beds with which the patient can adjust its position.
  • The clinic has everything you need for a comfortable stay during your hospital treatment such as: TV, refrigerator, comfortable and special furniture, personal hygiene items.
  • Call button. Our clinic provides for the possibility of calling medical personnel straight from the bed. To do this, the nurses have a bracelet, which begins to react when the patient presses the call button, which is located by the bed.


Nutrition in the hospital is organized in strict accordance with the prescriptions of the attending physician depending on the diagnosis. When appointing a diet, take into account the nature of the disease, the degree of violations in certain organs, and therefore make the appropriate changes in the composition of food rations, exclude certain foods, change the technological regime of cooking.

Our goal

We do our best to create the most pleasant atmosphere of stayfor patients, considering their medical condition and personal wishes. Our quality and service standards pursue high goals and cover all areas of activity, from equipment and spacious corridors up to our services.

Specialists of various fields and qualifications work in our clinic. Thus, we can equally meet the requirements of modern medicine and the personal needs of patients.

Our medical staff provides 24-hour patient care and provides advice by all necessary specialists.