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    The charitable event dedicated to World Sight Day “Vision – for all”
    Another comment of our patient✅
    SALT CAVE in the clinic of Doctor Maksudova
    COVID-19 unit in DMC
    International online webinar in telemedicine format on the topic: “New approaches to the problem of endothelial keratoplasty”
    Floating opacities in the eyes
    Herniated intervertebral disc
    STUTTERING. Its causes and methods of treatment
    Complication after COVID-19 – depression
    Treatment for depression after COVID-19
    ENURESIS – Wet Bed Syndrome
    Laser treatment of glaucoma and vascular pathologies of retina
    Early diagnosis of glaucoma is the key to maintaining the ability to see
    Orthopedics in the DMC clinic is high precision, excellent skills and modern equipment
    Save your time and effort and get the full range of medical services within the DMC clinic
    DMC clinic is for a healthy generation and a healthy future!
    How to understand that you have a “stroke” or “infarct” of the eye
    Once again about ophthalmology: current problems in the treatment of optic nerve inflammation
    DMC clinic pediatrics
    Self-management is the way to recovery!