Logoneurosis (speech neurosis) is a form of stuttering that appears as a symptom of neurosis, can develop as a reaction to a strong stress factor.

Stuttering with logoneurosis does not appear voluntarily, but only in stressful situations. Any emotional stress, quarrel, all kinds of strong positive or negative emotions can be a triggering factor. Since logoneurosis is primarily a neurological condition, the corresponding symptoms can be observed. Muscle tics, involuntary grimaces, blinking, convulsions join the stuttering. Patients complain of shortness of breath, a feeling of suffocation.

If this condition develops in children or adolescents, it can lead to complexes or more serious psychological disorders. Children begin to deliberately avoid situations that can lead to the formation of a seizure. The child becomes more withdrawn, reluctant to make contact. In some cases, this can transform into depression.

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