Chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome is most prevalent in developed countries. The disease is characterized by prolonged fatigue, which does not disappear even after a long rest. Illness is often preceded by a person’s experience of a stressful or unusual situation, which requires great effort from him. The emergence is associated with the development of neurosis of the central regulatory centers of the autonomic nervous system. Chronic fatigue can last 6 months or more.

The factors provoking the disease are an unbalanced emotional and intellectual load to the detriment of physical activity. Residents of large cities, entrepreneurs, and people with increased responsibility when performing work are at risk.

The main symptoms of the disease are:

– constant fatigue, muscle weakness,

– lack of feeling of rest after a full night’s sleep;

– apathy, depression, unreasonable fits of anger,

– frequent headaches for no apparent reason;

– increased sleepiness during the daytime;

– inability to fall asleep quickly even after strenuous physical labor;

– unmotivated irritation;

– bad mood for which there is no reason;

– decreased memory and ability to concentrate.

In our Computer Biofeedback Center of the DMC Clinic, we carry out not only a comprehensive functional examination of the whole organism – stress diagnostics but also subsequent treatment. You will get rid of fatigue within a few weeks and be healthy again.