Essential hyperthermia

Essential hyperthermia is an unexplained increase in body temperature above 37 °C. Essential means not associated with any other diseases. It can manifest itself in the form of subfebrile temperature – an increase in body temperature for a long time in the range of 37.1-38.0 ° C. If such an increase in temperature occurs for no apparent reason, is not confirmed by blood tests or other examinations, then the cause may be stress!

If your body temperature persists for several days or even weeks, then this may indicate severe stress! Psychogenic fever is a psychosomatic condition that is manifested by a high body temperature. This condition is caused by exposure to emotional events or chronic stress.

Psychogenic fever is a fairly common condition. A particularly large number of patients are noted among Japanese students due to academic stress. Many doctors do not fully understand how stress can affect body temperature. Therefore, there are many names for this phenomenon: body temperature “from the nerves”, the temperature on the nervous soil, thermoneurosis, and essential hyperthermia. Instead of using the traditional term “psychogenic fever”, scientists suggest calling temperature under stress “functional hyperthermia.”

High body temperature is just one of the symptoms caused or exacerbated by stress. Therefore, it is necessary not only to reduce body temperature but also to treat patients from stress. In our Computer Biofeedback Center of the DMC Clinic, we carry out not only a comprehensive functional examination of the whole organism – stress diagnostics but also subsequent treatment. Within a few days, you will get rid of hyperthermia and be healthy again!